Who is Football-2-Soccer

About Us

             Football-2-Soccer was started to help aid young adults go to America to play football (soccer), get a scholarship and earn a degree. It was founded by a student who has done this journey themselves, and wanted to help other have their own experiences’ and chances in America. More about her and her journey < Link to My journey>.

            Football-2-Soccer is here to help throughout your journey from your starting point now, to graduation and further. There is sometimes things and questions that come up later on in your journey and we still want to be a part of it, helping you in any way we can.

Our Mission

            To assist young adults to be successful student-athletes in America and helping to aid these students throughout their journey.

What we do

            We aim to help you achieve your goal of playing football, getting you a scholarship and getting a degree during your time in America. Being a Student-athlete isn’t an easy path to take by yourself, and that why we are here! We’ll start now and will be with you every step of the way up until graduation. START your journey now!