• How long is the process from start to going to America?
    • It depends on the time you have and the age you are! However it can be done under a year, with the Visa process taking the longest
  • What are Scholarships?
    • This is money a College/ Universities give to you, which will lower your total price.
    • There are many different types of scholarships you can get, this could include; academic, sports related and international.
    • Not all schools have the same types of scholarship but most will have sports and academic.  
  • What is a SAT/ACT? And do I need it?
    • These are two different types of test which some University’s require, so they know your level of Maths and English.
    • These aren’t required by every school, so you might not need to take one
  • What are Majors and Minors?
    • A major is your main degree focus- what you are studying
    • A minor is a secondary area of focus but isn’t as intense as your major
  • Do all degrees transfer back to England?
    • The majority of degrees would transfer, however there are a few which you may need to double check. To help check tis Accreditation US-UK