American Education

Juco vs 4 year

JUCO is short for junior college. This is a 2 year university (college), where you can start your degree and get a lot of your general education done this is somewhere you go for 2 years before you then transfer on to finish your degree at a four year. This sounds like a complicated route to start with, but there are positives;

  • It’s more likely to be the cheaper route
  • You’re more likely to have playing time
    • You would be competing with only 2 years of students (freshman and Sophomores)
  • Get recognised in America and playing their system
  • Getting more connections 

At 4 year you would do your first to fourth year here typically. Even here your first year or two would consist of you mainly doing your general education. Its easier in the fact you don’t have to move around and can stay settled in one area.

Neither is a better route than the other! The first thing is what you are looking for and the offers you get. This is a personal experience and different for everyone so don’t judge what route you want based just on this. If you have any further questions Contact Us

General Education

Something that you have to do is ‘Gen Eds’ (general education). This includes things likes maths, English and history, each school has different requirements that you need; computer skills, American government and ethic are other examples. This is just something you have to do and most will get these done in their first year or two so they can then focus on their major.

Marking and Credits

The way marking is done is based off all homework, exams, discussions, quizzes and participation. Each class is set out differently and you wont always have exams or homework, but it is a cumulative rather than one big test at the end. It’s closest to coursework you can do in England.

            Everything is based on credits which is how much the class is worth towards a degree. So classes like biology or anatomy and physiology which have a lab can be up to 5 credits, where normal class are typically 3 credits. Some school say you are taking 15 hours which is 15 credits. It sounds a little confusing but it isn’t something you really have to worry to much about. To be a student you have to do a minimum of 12 credits and they recommend no more than 18 so this is 4-6 classes.

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