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Ways of Football

Different types of divisions


            Division 1 (D1)

                        This is the top tier to play in, they have the best facilities and more money pumped into the school including sponsorships. These are they types of school you would see in the movies.  

            Division 2 (D2)

                        This is a very high level still and also well recognised. Some of these facilities are also at the same or similar level to D1’s

            Division 3 (D3)

                        This allows people to focus more on their education while playing football


            There are a lot less restrictions when it come to the age your playing at. There are also D1 and D2 under this and the top schools are also highly recognised. Under the NAIA there are multiple different leagues and conferences.


            These are junior colleges which are 2 years and also have D1, D2 divisions in this

The Football Season

The football season is a bit different to what you are probably used to. Pre-season usually starts at the beginning to middle of August and the season finishes late November depending on how well you do. You train every day or almost every day and usually play 2 games a week.

            In the off season you will train indoors, and when its warmer outside again. This is to  keep you fit and ready for a few games or tournament in about April time.

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